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Agate gray organic wool terry (100% wool (merino, kbt, mulesing-free)

Agate gray organic wool terry (100% wool (merino, kbt, mulesing-free)

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Wool terry eight grey

The wool terry is cuddly soft and wonderfully warm. It is particularly suitable for cozy warm outerwear such as sweaters, thin jackets or pajamas, but also for cozy trousers and cloth diapers.

In the light agate gray it is suitable for elegant adult clothing as well as for colorful children's clothing as a subtle combination color.

We also have some sample fabrics on agate gray wool terry cloth on offer.

Cuffs and combination ideas

Our other wool terrycloths are good for combining, especially the patterns on agate grey.

In general, our thick ribs in the tube for wool terry cloth are best suited as cuffs. We have a wool cuff directly in the color agate grey .

For the fabric here we can also recommend contrasting colors such as gold, chocolate-cherry or mauve, but also slate grey. The slate gray is a bit darker than the agate, but the color goes together nicely. On some pictures in the gallery we have shown the combination with all our wool cuff colors for inspiration.

Wool jersey is generally also suitable as a cuff or combination fabric for wool terry. Here, however, an elastic band should definitely be drawn in with waistbands.

For cuffs in general we recommend a factor of 0.6 (eg if the neckline measures 45cm, then I calculate 45cm*0.6= 27cm - and the 27cm plus seam allowance is the width of the cuff, which I then sew on).

The terry cloth itself is only suitable as a cuff to a limited extent (but it also works if necessary) - especially on the neck, we recommend either choosing a cuff fabric (see above) or sewing with a facing.

design samples

We are also happy to show some design examples in the photos that were made available to us by enthusiastic customers. Thank you again for that!

The women's sweater in the example shows the terry cloth sewn with the loops on the outside. In general, it is possible to take both sides outwards or to combine and alternate them in one piece of clothing.

Here we see a pattern from M ialuna, the Lady Tasja , combined with one of our wool jerseys, the Violacino .

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