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Sale cuff fabric - organic wool silk cuffs cinnamon (kbt, mulesing-free)

Sale cuff fabric - organic wool silk cuffs cinnamon (kbt, mulesing-free)

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wool silk

Our organic wool silk fabric (kbt) is produced according to the highest ecological criteria. We attach particular importance to the fact that our wool is completely mulesing-free.

Wool silk cuffs

In addition to the usual mixture of wool and silk, a small amount of elastane is mixed in here. The wool and silk cuffs are particularly suitable for shape-retaining neck and armholes or leggings. If there is a waist band on trousers, we recommend using an additional elastic band so that it really holds. In general, you should work with a factor of less than 0.6, since wool as a fiber is very stretchy. For outdoor clothing we recommend our stronger wool cuffs.


The cuff has the same pantone color as the cinnamon wool silk fabric, the hedgehogs and the cinnamon rings. But it is from a different batch and the color tones are always a little different.


Wool is naturally self-cleaning and antibacterial. It absorbs moisture without feeling clammy and transports it outwards, away from the body. Merino new wool is very finely crimped, does not scratch and is wonderfully soft and fluffy. Mulberry silk ensures a pleasantly soft and skin-soothing wearing comfort. Silk has a temperature-regulating effect, warms in cold temperatures and cools on warm days. Since wool and silk clothing only rarely needs to be washed - brushing or airing it out is usually enough - the clothing is also very easy to care for. The wool/silk cuffs can shrink in the wash, so pre-washing is recommended!


In our FAQs you will find more information about wool and silk in general and tips on care and sewing in particular. For exciting discussions with other seamstresses and to show the finished products, we would like to invite you to our Wool Silk fan group on Facebook.

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Customer reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Daniela Ambrosio
A classic combination color

For me a combination color that always works. And a really great feel

the ultimate combo cuff

The cuff that wen always have to have in the house is definitely cinnamon. In addition to the shades of green, coal raven blue and also red... the undisputed number one for us, due to the silkiness and feel.

Sooo beautiful

I'm a huge cinnamon fan. The cuff delivers what it promises and simply goes perfectly with coal raven blue and many other colors.

Very suitable... the cinnamon wool/silk. Doesn't shrink badly with us, stable and comfortable to wear.

A dream of a ws cuff

The color is vibrant and the cuffs hold up really well. I wear my wsZint shirt with wsZint cuffs almost every day and it still looks wonderful

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