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Danisch Pur

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Organic Wool Silk Berry (kbt, mulesing-free)

Organic Wool Silk Berry (kbt, mulesing-free)

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wool silk berry

Here the wool silk fabric is offered in uni in the color berry, a strong purple.

Berry was one of our very first fabrics and the name of the color came from the fact that the Pantone color for it is called "mulberry". In the course of time I noticed that many people imagine a redder substance under the name "berry", but unfortunately the name cannot be changed for reasons of sentimentality!

So think in your head "berry = mulberry = beautiful purple"

combination and cuffs

Other wool/silk fabrics from our range are suitable as a combination, especially these berry rings .

Wool/silk itself is very stretchy and can also be used as a cuff (with a small factor of 0.6, for example). If more support is required, for example at very stressed necklines (children tugging ;-) ) or as trouser cuffs, then the somewhat more stable wool jersey is also suitable as a cuff. We also have special wool cuff fabric for light fabrics.

design samples

We are also happy to show some design examples in the photos that were made available to us by enthusiastic customers. Thank you again for that!

The children's shirt is a Viktor&Viktoria by Rosa Näht and Danisch Pur , for the self-made application leftovers of all possible wool-silk fabrics from the Danish Pur range were used.

The women's top is the Bethioua of Ellepuls in combination with wool/silk berry rings and the skirt is from ours cuddle walk in Mauve after Walkskirt winter fur from small red and Danish Pur sewn.

We try to keep the links up-to-date, but links will sometimes go nowhere if the relevant fabrics are sold out in the meantime. Since we have a constantly changing range, this unfortunately cannot be ruled out. So if the link goes nowhere, the substance is currently not purchasable. But don't worry: popular fabrics keep coming back.

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Customer reviews

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Unlike the rings

Unfortunately not as beautiful as the lilac shade of the stripes, but particularly smooth and flowing.

even goes with chocolate cherry WH

Great color, great feel, quality always great! Just lay on the new chocolate cherry WH (left side) and I was flabbergasted, goes well together, thought it might "bite", but nope

great color

Berry really goes with everything and is an absolute classic. It harmonizes with all colors. Silky smooth feel.

I love berries

The shade is super nice for me to wear as an adult. Not too flashy and yet powerful. Harmonizes perfectly with mauve, stormy sky and coal raven blue. Quality as always top.

beautiful shade

Great, not too flashy shade of purple, perfect for shirts, also for adults.

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