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Cork patch cork label "woolly"

Cork patch cork label "woolly"

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Cork patch with laser-engraved lettering "Wollig"

The cork label can be sewn onto woolen clothing. It is washable up to 30 degrees and 1000 revolutions.

Handmade for us by Tamara Lütkemöller, rainbow cutter.

The patch is about 3cm x2cm in size. An all-rounder for all woolen clothing.

Why cork?

For a long time we thought about which raw material is the most beautiful and, above all, the most sustainable for our labels. When we read about cork, we were very excited.

With most materials, their use has varying degrees of impact on the ecosystem and the best way is still to use resources sparingly. With cork, on the other hand, this is different. No trees are felled for the production of cork material, but the cork oaks are peeled. This process can be repeated on a tree every 8-12 years. Not only does it not harm the tree, it is actually good for it. And for the entire ecosystem in cork oak forests, where whole families live from peeling cork and thus tending the cork oak forests. Since fewer and fewer cork closures are used for wine bottles, there is a current fear that cork oak forests, some of which are centuries old, will be felled. We won't be able to save an entire forest with our labels, but we might draw attention to the great material, which according to the WWW is one of the most sustainable building materials of all.

cork for label

Sustainably good and beautiful - why is cork so suitable for labels? The cork used here is very thin and easy to sew on. Cork is water-repellent and heat-resistant and largely resistant to rotting and rotting (source: Utopia ), which is why it is also a popular building material. Of course, these properties are also excellent for labels, since they are naturally washed more often.

Further product information on processing, tips and material can be found here .

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Easy to work with

This piece of cork adorns one of our pajamas and makes me happy every time I see it. It really looks good and is very easy to work with. Compared to other labels, sewing is really easy.

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