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Danisch Pur

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Walkrock Winterfellchen by Kleines Rotes and Danisch Pur 86-152

Walkrock Winterfellchen by Kleines Rotes and Danisch Pur 86-152

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Walkrock Winterfellchen - the little sister of Winterfell for women

According to the pattern of


In cooperation with Danish Pur

To the cut

The Walkrock Winterfellchen is a convertible skirt that can look playful, chic, quirky or cozy depending on the color and accessories.

It can be kept very simple or colorfully tangled and decorated.

Included as an A4 file to print out. You need Acrobat Reader to print

difficulty level

Even beginners can sew the skirt well. Above all, don't be afraid of the Material Walk, which is one of the best materials to sew up! If Walk is new territory for you, we have prepared a small digression on the material at the end of these instructions.

fabric usage

The fabric consumption can be seen on one of the product images. As always, we have given the actual consumption here to save material, which you can then partly tinker with leftovers. You need two skirt front parts, a back part, cuffs and possibly a pocket bag.

Recommended fabrics

For the skirt, we recommend the slightly stretchy and cuddly boiled knit from Danisch Pur and the available wool cuffs.

It is not suitable for woven goods, i.e. in this case loden, or would have to be adapted (e.g. sew one size larger) or wool fleece (here it would probably have to be sewn one size smaller). Neither has been tested.


All rights for this pattern are owned by Konstanze Pannier and Claudia Danisch - no liability is assumed for any errors in the pattern or in the instructions.

Information for digital products

You see a digital product here. If you buy such a product, you will receive an email with your files to download after payment.

You can then print out the pattern and get started.

Feel free to send us footos of your work or write a review of this pattern on the product page.

And now: Have fun sewing! :)

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Customer reviews

Based on 4 reviews
For whirlwinds

My daughter loves her new winter coats. She can move very well in it and at the same time it keeps her nice and warm. Perfect for combining thanks to the versatility of the fabrics. Also great, because she likes to walk with me in a partner look. The skirt is sewn very quickly.

Perfect for young and old explorers

My daughter is delighted. The skirt is incredibly flexible and wears wonderfully.

Sugar-sweet cut Perfect for the partner look

cute, simple cut, especially in combination with the winter coat a great cut for the partner look with mom :)


The midgets love it! It sews up very quickly and looks great! Keeps the Popscherl nice and warm and still allows every movement!

Sewing patterns for the whole family

You can also find more photos on social media under the hashtag #danischpurzustimmung - the hashtag says that we can also show the photos on our website or in newsletters etc. If your sewing works are also allowed to appear with us, then we would be happy to receive permission.

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    There are always photos in the e-books to give you ideas of what can be combined and how. You are also welcome to check out our Facebook group or Instagram for more sewing examples.