1001 Geschenk- und Bastelideen

1001 gift and craft ideas

It's not even two months until Christmas...

I just mean...

This year I had resolved to have the gift ideas for the majority of my loved ones together early on - at least mentally. I wanted to be prepared by the end of October at the latest so that I could then enjoy the pre-Christmas period with the normal level of everyday family stress. And what should I say when I compare my imagination with reality? It worked so semi well.

If you feel the same way as me and you still haven't got all the gift ideas together, you for your mother-in-law, your uncle's new wife, your pregnant cousin, your dearest friend, but unfortunately she already has "everything you could wish for". or for someone you don't really like that much but still have to give a present to, the ideas are lacking and in your sewing corner you also expected many small leftovers more from their death than being constantly dragged out of the boxes and trampled on by small children's hands - yes , Then we have something for you.

Or if you leave a little encouraging nicety in front of the door of the dear grandma next door these days or send a loving "I'm thinking of you" to the friends you actually wanted to visit but can't or the new kindergarten teacher, who works so hard and want to give a small thank you and you still don't have the right idea for it - don't worry, we have something nice for you here.

And from you. Because we asked for gift ideas in our Facebook group and the long list that came up is very nice to look at! I've broken them down into categories for you so you can browse more specifically. I hope we can support you at least a little with this - you have to and are allowed to sew and do handicrafts yourself =)

Our gift ideas


  • Neck socks and gloves (there are also sewing packages for this in the shop )
  • Wool fleece blanket (e.g. edged with braid)
  • Fleece or wool jersey headband
  • Fluffs (socks made from scraps of wool) based on the Fluffstore pattern
  • stroller muff
  • (Slip) cap to wear under the bicycle helmet according to Lybstes
  • Scarf made of WS
  • Hipster beanies by Delari
  • Cherry pit pillow made of wool fleece
  • Patchwork footmuff

Warming from mini leftovers

  • Leg warmers (with wool cuffs) or cable knit
  • Wrist warmers made of fleece or boiled wool or thick WJ / wrist warmers
  • Pair of gloves according to instructions from AnnasNähschule
  • insoles for shoes
  • Walk cover for bicycle saddle
  • slippers
  • kidney warmer


  • Patchwork cushions made from boiled wool according to the instructions from stoff undtweet
  • Neck squirrel according to the instructions from kullaaloo
  • Reading bones according to the instructions from Namensbaender
  • Wool fleece cuddly pillow, filled with leftovers and/or medicinal wool

Cozy things made from mini leftovers

  • warming, relaxing sleeping mask made of wool fleece filled with lavender
  • cooling, relaxing eye pillow made of WS filled with lavender or amaranth

Pretty and beneficial from mini leftovers

  • Walk key ring
  • Hairband from WS
  • Earring pendant, necklace pendant made of boiled wool
  • Hair tie, hair clip jewelry made of boiled wool
  • Room fragrance pillow with essential oil according to Vanni Vanilla


Useful things from mini leftovers


  • Cut hearts, stars and other figures out of Walk as gift tags or Christmas tree decorations
  • Christmas tree stars after "I need fabric"
  • Curtain tassels made from boiled wool
  • Dream catcher according to Pattydoo
  • Pennant chain or Tüddelkramkette with boiled pompoms
  • autumnal garland by vonlangehand
  • manger
  • Sustainable Advent wreath

For children

For children from mini leftovers

  • Tea bags, cheese slices, pasta, vegetables for the children's kitchen
  • Plaster for the pediatrician's case
  • Tactile/play book made of Walk with moveable figures etc. (Quietbook)
  • Tactile memory made of different types of fabric after sugar candy apples
  • nourishing travel board game to roll up from Walk
  • bed snake sprat after vonlangehand
  • Raccoon cuddly toy and baby blanket in one by vonlangehand

Can you always use:

  • Empty journal pasted with WS on the outside
  • (Empty) photo album – self-bound, outside with boiled wool
  • Buttinette pencil case
  • Handicraft picture vouchers made from leftovers
  • Book cover Walk to Pattydoo
  • Bookmarks made of boiled wool with braided WS ribbons
  • Sewing weights & pincushion made of boiled wool

For fresh mums

  • nursing pads
  • Rainbow male dance from WS / Mobile
  • Eye mask made of WS eg filled with lavender
  • Stroller chain by vonlangehand
  • bed bumper after vonlangehand
  • carrying shoes
  • Maternity pass / U-booklet cover after vonLangehand

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