Vouchers from before 10/2022

If you have vouchers from our old shop that have not yet been redeemed, please send us an email with the voucher code to redeem these vouchers for a new order.

We will redeem the voucher directly for you on your order (it is best to order in advance so that we can adjust the offer afterwards. If you order by PP, we can also do it, then we will send you after the order the money for the newly redeemed voucher back).

Current vouchers for purchase can be found here .

We cannot convert vouchers from the old shop into vouchers for the new shop. This has boring reasons from a tax point of view. For those who are interested:

In the old shop we had single-purpose vouchers that were only intended for the purchase of goods from us. Now we have multi-purpose vouchers that can only be redeemed with us, but are treated differently for tax purposes, so that we no longer have to be careful if a person in Germany, for example, buys the voucher but then gives it away to another person in Austria and then that's it Austria the voucher is redeemed with a different VAT rate.

We always had to be very careful, so we changed that with the new shop system when we realized that we couldn't transfer the voucher codes anyway, since the old ones had 19 digits, but only 16 digits are allowed in the new shop.