backorder shipping

We all know it - just ordered and then it occurs to us that we really wanted to buy the right yarn or needles and oh, the woolen cuff is still missing.

For these cases we have the option of re-ordering .

Until your initial order is on our cutting table, you can order something else. When we start processing your order you will receive an email saying your fabric is now on the cutting table.

After that it is no longer possible to order further goods in this package.

We will refund any overpaid shipping costs. With Paypal we pay back, with advance payment there is a new, summarized offer where we subtract the shipping costs. If the transfer has already been made and too much has been paid, we will enclose a voucher for €5.

Summarized again: There is NO extra button and NO extra shipping method. You order and we summarize everything that you don't explicitly tell us in the comment that it shouldn't be in one package.

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That was the most important thing - for special orders now more details for special order and transmission requests

If you have general requests such as "I already ordered on March 1st with order number 1453 and will pay for the order right away, but I can only pay for this order on March 10th, please send order 1 already and then order 2 from March 10th. " then please write that in the comment field so that we do not automatically combine the orders.

This also applies to " Please don't process it yet, I would like to order something for the day. " Please just write that in the comment and then send us a short email if you want the order to be "parked out".

We are no longer changing to the payment date of the last repeat order, but are sticking to the payment date of the initial order to avoid sending too many individual packages. In the past, it was possible to explicitly select the post-order shipping method, but unfortunately this is no longer possible in the new shop system, so that it is now becoming a bit more complicated for all of us - but we didn't want to take away the principle of re-ordering from you!

So if you want to collect something over 1-3 weeks , then that's no problem - just write it in the comment and send us a short email if the order should be parked. All orders that are parked should only be paid promptly so that we can already cut the fabrics and reserve them for you.