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Organic wool weft in many colors (kbt, mulesing-free))

Organic wool weft in many colors (kbt, mulesing-free))

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Hier steht 1 für 1 Meter. 10 sind also 10 Meter.

wool weft

Wool weft with center fold for easy sewing. width 3cm. 1 unit = 1 m So if you need 3 m, for example, put 3 in the shopping cart. The wool weft is then of course in one piece.

scope of application

Wool weft is used to finish boiled wool or wool fleece clothing or to finish blankets. To do this, the wool braid is placed around the open edge, fixed and stitched. A simple straight line is usually sufficient.

sewing example

by Julia Böttcher/Rockzipfel with slate-grey fleece and mauve-colored lace.


We only have the colors that are currently available in the selection. These are always matched to the boiled wool colors available in the shop, but there is still boiled wool in some cases, but no more braid (or vice versa). We always produce the colors, but this can take 2-3 months. Not all pictures in the shop are currently pictures in the gallery. We'll make it up if we can.


Since the wool weft is made of 100% wool, it can be cleaned very easily, just like the rest of woolen clothing - i.e. normally with airing and washing if it is heavily soiled. We recommend a pre-wash - preferably in a laundry bag.

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Customer Reviews

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Lena M.

Lässt sich super easy annähen

Silvia V.G.
Super zu verarbeiten

Ich habe davor nur mit viel starreren Tressen gearbeitet und bin ganz glücklich, dass ich jetzt diese gefunden habe.

Tolle Tresse!

Wir lieben die Tresse. Unsere Lieblingsfarben sind Schokokirsch und Moos.

Sehr weich, passt perfekt zum Walk

Wir haben die Tresse in Petrol passend zum Walk in Petrol gekauft, DIe Farbe passt sehr gut und die Tresse lässt sich mit etwas Übung auch gut verarbeiten.


Praktisch zum einfassen, schaut es gleich Schick aus. Kirschrot mit Schokokirsch kombiniert

Mulesing Free

All of our wool/silk fabrics are mulesing-free. This means that "our" woolly sheep do not remove the skin around the tail without anesthesia to prevent pest infestation. This procedure has been sharply criticized by animal protection organizations. As a matter of principle, we only offer guaranteed mulesing-free wool/silk fabrics.

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    ...we also offer patterns? They are specifically designed for wool/silk and other wool fabrics, as wool fabrics behave slightly differently than other jersey fabrics, which most other patterns are designed for. With our patterns you can be sure that everything fits together well.

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