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Danisch Pur is a small family business from northern Germany dedicated to the production and sale of high-quality organic wool products. We are heart and soul lovers of the wool/silk fabric.

But other high-quality organic wool products such as organic wool cuffs, organic wool terry cloth, organic wool fleece, organic boiled wool or pure organic wool jersey also have a place very close to our hearts.

All of our fabrics are designed directly by us and on our behalf and to our precise specifications

Manufactured to specifications in various factories in Europe. There are no intermediate stations.

With our core item, wool/silk, we were the first in Europe to offer this

Organic quality fabric sold by the metre, allowing creative people to finally make their own

could tailor clothing to skin.

Thanks to our enthusiastic and loyal customers, we have grown quickly and were able to do many

implement new ideas and wishes and add them to our shop.

At Danisch Pur only certified organic wool fabrics (kbt and kba) are offered as a matter of principle.

The abbreviations kbt and kba stand for controlled organic animal husbandry and controlled organic cultivation. The criteria for this are set worldwide by the IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Farming Movements).

In addition, no mulesing is carried out when rearing the sheep. This refers to the painful removal of the sheep's tail root, which is carried out in practice without anesthetic and leads to pain for days. Mulesing is done to prevent fly maggot infestation. There are more and more consumers who are sensitized to the issue and only buy mulesing-free wool to encourage farmers to use more complex but painless methods to prevent fly maggot infestation.

In addition to the animal welfare concept, the certification of the fabrics goes even further. Based on the entire value chain, the certification ensures that the substances are free of harmful substances and are manufactured based on biological and social criteria. (For details see http://www.global-standard.org/de/ at the Global Organic Textile Standard)

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