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ForSchur Textile Glue 180g

ForSchur Textile Glue 180g

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ForSchur ecological latex-based textile glue glues all types of fabrics super fast and without needle and thread.
Application: Shake the bottle well, carefully apply the glue directly to the patch with the bottle, put it on, let it dry for a short time and press the patch firmly, done!
Please practice before the first application so that nothing goes wrong. The glue must not be applied too thickly, otherwise it will penetrate the fabric and cause stains. In order for the patch to hold well, it should be moistened thinly with the ForSchur textile adhesive up to the edge. Repaired items of clothing can be washed at up to 95 degrees without any problems. If the spout has dried on at the front, the plug can simply be pulled off. Dried pieces of glue should never get into the bottle.
- Material: latex milk (remains flexible)
- washable up to 95 degrees
- Shelf life at least 2 years at room temperature
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Customer reviews

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great for people who are lazy about patching and stuffing

I can finally "mend" the big mountain of clothes, because I don't dare to darn/art darn. It's easy to use and I'm curious about the durability/resilience.

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