Collection: At your own risk

We usually fill up the coupon corner here on Thursday mornings (sometimes very early, sometimes a little later) - at least when we have some in stock.

What does " at your own risk " mean?

In some cases, you can also find fabrics by the meter that are on their last few meters.

As a rule, however, we post materials here that only exist once again in this form. For example, we still have an 84cm piece of a coveted fabric and are posting it here as an 80cm coupon.

Coupon means: The piece has already been cut and is sold as a whole.

In particular, two coupons can then no longer be combined by us.

Unless otherwise stated in the title, this is a faultless A-Ware.

At your own risk because these pieces are usually very popular. It may be that our shop system is not fast enough and sells the same coupon two or three times before realizing that the coupon is really sold out. If that's the case, you'll get an email from me promptly that the purchase didn't work out .

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