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From wool-silk, wool fleece, wool terry, wool jersey and boiled wool, hemp, linen and co - we love them all!

In addition to the animal welfare concept, the certification of the substances goes even further. Based on the entire value chain, the certification ensures that the materials are free of harmful substances and are manufactured based on biological and social criteria . (For details see at the Global Organic Textile Standard)

We offer different fabrics for every phase of life and for every season. Many fabrics can be used all year round, such as wool/silk or pure hemp jersey, which is worn as a T-shirt in summer and as an undershirt in winter, other fabrics only develop their full effect under certain temperatures and conditions.

Just browse through the shop at your leisure and read our descriptions. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us or join our Facebook group, which is a real source of know-how about our fabrics.