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500 points bonus items surprise packages mini leftovers

500 points bonus items surprise packages mini leftovers

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Surprise packages of mini leftovers

A colorfully mixed package made from our woolen fabrics. Most scraps are under 25cm in length or taller scraps, but not to full width. Altogether there are so many fabrics available that a baby garment can be sewn from them if you patch the fabrics a bit.


The smallest pieces of clothing (patched) can be sewn with the mini remnants. Some remnants are also suitable as cuffs or as fabric remnants for appliqués


In our FAQs you will find more information about wool and silk in general and tips on care and sewing in particular. You can read about our exciting journey from a wool silk fan to a wool silk family business here .

collect bonus points

With every purchase from us you earn bonus points. You get one point for every euro you spend here. This runs automatically by the way.

When you have collected enough points you can exchange them for bonus point packages. Unfortunately, offsetting is not possible.

Redeem Bonus Points

To redeem the points , please write in the comment field for a subsequent order that you would like to redeem points and which package you have chosen. We will then compare this with your score, deduct the points and pack you a nice Ü package.
In order to order such a package for bonus points, the Ü packages do not have to be "available". Exchanging the points for Ü packages by commenting on an order is always possible.

Certain fabric wishes can be expressed, but unfortunately cannot always be fulfilled

The fabrics in the packages are crooked bale end pieces with a length that is unfavorable to sell or fabrics with small defects that ended up in our leftover boxes.

It is expressly not only A-Ware in the packages, but all fabrics are well usable :-)

500 points = mini Ü package

1500 points = Baby Ü package (2 fabrics each approx. 35cm high)

2500 points = children's Ü package (2 fabrics each approx. 50 cm high)

5000 points = Adult Ü package (3 fabrics each approx. 65cm high)

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Customer reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great colorful mixed packages

I like the packages very much. There are always beautiful pieces, colorfully mixed and sufficient for small parts, loops or for patching :)

great surprise

Beautiful package of three wool-silk fabrics and an edging strip, in super beautiful shades. Definitely enough for one or rather two baby clothes.

Wow thanks!

This time I made a wish and it was just so fulfilled. This is just so wonderful!!


What a beautiful idea. The fabrics from the Üpaket have been lovingly put together and coordinated with one another. I was surprised how much fabric it was and look forward to ordering my next package


Thank you for the great package. Even my wish was 100% fulfilled. I was very happy. Thank you very much :)

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