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Danisch Pur

Artikelnummer: SHWH51225

Organic wool-hemp blueberry feather-light jersey (kbt, mulesing-free)

Organic wool-hemp blueberry feather-light jersey (kbt, mulesing-free)

Width: 130 cm (+-5%)

Weight: 250 g/m^2 (+-5%)

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wool hemp

A new and exciting fabric knit at Danisch Pur - 50% hemp (kba compliant) and 50% wool (kbt, merino, as always mulesing-free)

Wool doesn't mix well with many other fibers in our opinion, as most types of fabric require more care and need to be washed at higher temperatures to get clean.

Wool, on the other hand, requires very little care due to its self-cleaning properties.

Hemp, on the other hand, has a similarly low maintenance requirement as wool in many respects. Hemp fibers are also self-cleaning and can also ventilate odors such as sweat or (small amounts) of urine. Therefore, just like pure wool or wool/silk, a wool/hemp mixture can be cleaned little and at low temperatures.

materials and information

100% hemp (kba)

Pure hemp jersey

Pure hemp jersey is a very exciting fabric. At first touch it is a bit bulky and rough. After wearing and washing it a few times, it is as soft as butter and one of the most comfortable fabrics in the world, especially directly on the skin. In summer it is wonderfully airy and cooling and in winter it is very comfortable for undershirts.

For those who have never tried it - hemp jersey is a fabric that definitely deserves a chance to try it out!


Hemp has special skin-climatic properties. Its fibers have a completely natural temperature-regulating effect. In summer they keep you cool and in winter they create a cozy climate. Under the microscope it becomes clear why: The fibers have small air pockets through which the fiber "breathes". On cold days, they fill up with body heat and store it. On warm days, they ensure an airy feel. Since hemp clothing only rarely needs to be washed - brushing or airing it out is usually enough - the clothing is also very easy to care for.

Hemp is one of the most robust natural fibers there is. Clothing made of hemp is known to last forever, even with daily wear. Tests have shown that hemp fibers are four to seven times more resilient than cotton threads of comparable thickness. It is therefore also perfectly suitable for children of romping and climbing age.

Hemp as a natural product

Like wool, hemp is a natural product. Here the fiber is always of different thickness and there may be foreign fibers such as hay, straw or fiber fly from the factory, which can lead to a slightly uneven appearance!

Hemp and the Environment

The hemp plant is naturally very robust and resistant to insect infestation and plant diseases. Therefore, no insecticides or pesticides are usually required for their cultivation.

Hemp is a very fast growing fiber and currently probably the most environmentally friendly natural fiber in the fabric sector.

care instructions

Like wool garments, our hemp jersey can be hand and machine washed. We recommend machine washing on a wool cycle up to a maximum of 30 degrees with liquid organic wool detergent. Detergent powder is not recommended for hemp, as the grains can sneak into the air pockets and permanently destroy the structure there. Can shrink up to 15% depending on the washing temperature.

sewing instructions

Here I let an expert speak, namely Elena von Traumstuebchen (Link to Facebook)

I sewed the Scarlett from Pattydoo - one of my favorite cuts for hemp jersey (next to the button shirt from Kibadoo) - the fit with the ball is not quite optimal, but I also sewed it more for breastfeeding, you can't just do that long wait for feedback.

I was aware that hemp is usually knitted relatively loosely and is so translucent (here the hemp is meant "light as a feather", we now have two different weight classes for hemp) - the coverage is a little better with color - the natural-colored one is more something for very loose parts or with a shirt underneath. I deliberately did it without for the pictures.

What to look out for now:

When cutting, I always give a few mm more NZ, because the fabric has to lie really carefully in the overlock seam so that it doesn't slip out and run stitches occur.

You can recognize the outside of the hemp jersey by the sheen - this is the V-side of the stitches. The page also feels a bit smoother.

When choosing a cut, you don't have to change anything with cuts designed for BW jersey, you only have to pay attention to the neckline, because it should be wide enough or you can work with additional button strips or, for example, a teardrop neckline. Submarine cuts should also work quite well.

I cut the cuffs wider than usual because the fabric shortens a lot when stretched and I always use the factor 0.9. The hemp cannot be stretched more than this.

When you hem, also neaten the edge that is on the inside, otherwise it will easily unravel, unless you have a cover machine, for example, or use one that also neatens well for topstitching, then it doesn't need to.

care: Hemp is very undemanding. It is also sufficient if it is aired more than washed, but it easily withstands normal washing. Hemp just doesn't like drying - it damages the fibre. Tossing him in to soften him up a bit is no drama though.

Basically, this hemp feels a bit rough on the skin at the beginning, but that settles with wear and from my experience hemp gets softer with every wear and wash (but especially the first).

Oh and I use the same settings and needles when sewing as I do for wool/silk and the like"


In our FAQs and our wool brochure you will find more information about our wool products in general and tips on care and sewing in particular. For exciting discussions with other seamstresses and to show the finished products, we would like to invite you to our Wool Silk fan group on Facebook.

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Customer reviews

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Airy fabric

Super nice airy fabric in a great shade of blue. It was a bit too transparent for me. For tops it would work, for skirts in my opinion it would be better to use two layers. Great summer fabric.


The fabric has a great feel, is easy to sew and is very appealing. Unfortunately, the fabric arrived with a big lump that became a hole when pre-washed.

Carol May
Great summer fabric

Our son wore it almost every day during the summer. Nice and light and great for sun protection.
Yes, it's a bit see-through, but we don't mind that on a summer shirt.

A touch of a substance

Great light fabric that is easy to work with and not as translucent as you might think. Wear it like a t-shirt (without wearing an extra top underneath).


very nice color, great feel - perfect for summer

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