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Bio Wolljersey Jacquard Lampone Punkte auf Spätburgunder (Merino, kbt, mulesingfrei)

Bio Wolljersey Jacquard Lampone Punkte auf Spätburgunder (Merino, kbt, mulesingfrei)

Width: 140 cm (+-5%)

Weight: 230g/m^2 (+-5%)

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Bei Stoffen steht 1 für 10cm. 10 sind also 100cm.
Info: Bei einer Abnahme bis zu 5 Metern (Anzahl: 50) werden die bestellten Stoffe selbstverständlich am Stück geliefert.

Wolljersey Punkte Jacquard

Ein warmer und kuscheliger Wolljersey mit eingestricktem Muster. 

Diese Farbkombi war so wahnsinnig beliebt, dass wir sie noch einmal in ähnlicher Form haben stricken lassen. Die Punkte sind etwas leuchtender und der Grundton etwas satter als beim ersten Jacquard. Siehe Galerie. 

Kombination, Garn und Bündchen

Wir empfehlen hier als Bündchenfarbe Lampone, was sehr gut zu den Punkten passt oder den Wolljersey Waldfrucht. 

Soll es ein Bündchen sein, was eher zum Untergrund passt, empfehlen wir die beiden Schokokirsch melierten Bündchen (fein oder grob). Diese sind etwas weniger satt vom Farbton, passen sich dem Ton aber gut an. Die nicht melierten Schokokirschbündchen hingegen, passen unserer Meinung nach nicht gut!

Als Garnfarbe empfehlen wir Korallpink, was gut zu den Punkten passt. Für den Hintergrund haben wir keine Farbe, die richtig gut passt. Am Ehesten noch Mokka, da hier der dunkelbraune Faden gut im Hintergrund verschwindet. 



Gerne zeigen wir in den Fotos auch einige Designbeispiele, die uns von begeisterten Kund*innen zur Verfügung gestellt wurden.

***Bitte beachtet - die Designbeispiele sind sämtlich aus der Version 1 des Stoffes, wo der Hintergrund Schokokirsch meliert und etwas heller war!***

Ihr seht einen wunderbar schlichten Kinderpullover nach dem Schnitt Viktor&Viktoria in Kombination mit Wollbündchen dicke Rippe in Schokokirsch meliert.

Der Cardigan wurde genäht von Nähzwergli und ist ein echter Allrounder. Das verwendete Schnittmuster heißt My cuddle me von Schaumzucker. 

Das Damenshirt Eckhardt von Sewingmachina wurde genäht von Sandra. Es wurde nach unten 2cm verlängert und als Wendeversion (innen mit Wolljersey Himbeerrot) vernäht.



Wool jersey fabric

Our organic wool jersey fabric (kbt, made from 100% new wool, merino) is produced according to the highest ecological criteria. It is therefore particularly suitable for the sensitive skin of babies and toddlers, as well as for all clothing that is worn close to the skin. Outerwear is also given something very special by the delicate shimmer of the wool fabric, so that the fabric is also ideal for adult clothing.


Wool is naturally self-cleaning and antibacterial. It absorbs moisture without feeling clammy and transports it outwards, away from the body. Merino new wool is very finely crimped, does not scratch and is wonderfully soft and fluffy.

Since wool clothing only rarely needs to be washed - brushing or airing it out is usually enough - the clothing is also very easy to care for.

However, as with all fabrics, we recommend a pre-wash, as the fabric can shrink by 10-15% depending on the washing method .

Wool as a natural product

Very important - wool is a natural product and also one that can be slightly different with every shearing and every flock of sheep. Each fabric can be slightly different in feel than the fabrics before it. When spinning, a completely even thread is not possible, so that there are always thinner and thicker places in the fabric, which are caused by different thread thicknesses (especially if there are always thick or coincidentally always exactly thin places in two/three rows in a row). threads appear).

Especially with the Cino we have the phenomenon that two different colors are knitted together and then every now and then a stitch of one color is in the place where the other color would have been purely symmetrical. If something like this occurs very frequently on a piece of fabric and from both sides, it can actually look annoying, so we sort out such pieces as B-goods. If it is only on one side or only a few stitches per square meter, it is either not noticeable or the other side can be used without any problems (Cinos are interlocks, so that right and left sides do not differ). Please note this before ordering, as it is not a reason for complaint.

We have a photo (the one with the ruler) in the gallery where you can see such a spot. Please note - the image is not colourfast.

care instructions

It is optimal if the woolen clothing is simply aired out in damp weather (e.g. in the bathroom when showering). The water vapor that meets the fabric then automatically transports away smaller dirt particles and bad odours.

If the clothes are heavily soiled, they can be washed by hand or on the wool cycle of the washing machine at 30 degrees with wool detergent. In winter, we recommend washing on a cold wool cycle, otherwise the difference between 30 degrees and cold rinsing water in the washing machine may be too great. Wool does not like strong temperature fluctuations.

As wool fibers are more sensitive when wet than when dry, it is recommended that wool jersey and wool silk be dried flat on a towel.

A lot of dirt can also be removed by tapping or brushing (e.g. with the miracle brush available in the shop).

For further care and sewing instructions, we also refer to our FAQs.

Questions are also gladly answered in our wool/silk fan group on Facebook, where many sewing examples can also be admired: click

Of course you can also contact us directly if you have any further questions.

sewing instructions

Wool jersey can be sewn on the overlock as well as on the conventional sewing machine. It is important to use a stretchable stitch (e.g. zigzag stitch, pseudo-overlock stitch, etc.) and super stretch needles. The needles are specially made for very stretchy fabrics and ensure that the threads are not severed when sewing, but pushed to the side. This way there are no holes in the sewing machine in the long run. It may be helpful to lower the presser foot pressure on the sewing machine, or if this is not possible, use a walking foot. This prevents “wavy formation” when sewing.

As with other knitted fabrics, it is advisable not to start sewing at the very edge of the fabric, as this can sometimes "eat" into the machine. Here you can start sewing 2-3cm from the edge and sew up the beginning after a few stitches using the reverse button. Holding onto the protruding threads and gently pulling them backwards also makes it easier to start.

Wool silk fabric is stretchier than most comparable cotton jersey. Here it can make sense to sew one size smaller than normal and to stay with the usual dress size in length. As every pattern and build is different, it is highly recommended to place well-fitting garments on top of the appropriate pattern to provide a match.

For further care and sewing instructions, we also refer to our FAQs.

Questions are also gladly answered in our wool/silk fan group on Facebook, where many sewing examples can also be admired: click

Of course you can also contact us directly if you have any further questions.


In our FAQs and our wool brochure you will find more information about our wool products in general and tips on care and sewing in particular. For exciting discussions with other seamstresses and to show the finished products, we would like to invite you to our Wool Silk fan group on Facebook.

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Wunderschön und formstabil

Ob als Shirt für Erwachsene oder als Pumphose fürs Krabbelkind, der Stoff ist einfach super. Sehr einfach zu verarbeiten und auch nach einigen Wäschen noch genauso schön wie zu Beginn. Ganz klare Empfehlung

Kind in Wollstoffen formt ein Herz mit den Händen

What is important to us

When producing our meter goods, it is particularly important to us that they are produced in a socially and environmentally friendly manner. Not only because some of the fabrics are worn directly on the (children's) skin as underwear, but also because we want to support and protect nature with our daily actions.

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