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Artikelnummer: SHFWB12545

Feines Bio Wollbündchen dunkles Kakao (kbt, mulesingfrei) im Schlauch

Feines Bio Wollbündchen dunkles Kakao (kbt, mulesingfrei) im Schlauch

Width: 75cm (+-5%)

Weight: 380g/m^2 (+-5%)

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Bei Stoffen steht 1 für 10cm. 10 sind also 100cm.
Info: Bei einer Abnahme bis zu 5 Metern (Anzahl: 50) werden die bestellten Stoffe selbstverständlich am Stück geliefert.

Leichtes Wollbündchen

Das feine Wollbündchen ist als Bündchenstoff für Wolle/Seide oder leichteren Wolljersey gut geeignet (hier ist aber auch stets eine Option, den Stoff selber zu nehmen, da sowohl Wolle/Seide als auch Wolljersey schön dehnbar sind).

Für schwerere Wollstoffe empfehlen wir eher die schwere Rippe im Schlauch , die ihr unter der Kategorie Wollbündchen für schwerere Stoffe bekommt.  

Außerdem kann auch aus dem feinen Wollbündchen selbst etwas gefertigt werden - insbesondere eignet es sich für Kleidungsstücke, die eine figurbetonte Passform haben und sich gut anschmiegen sollen, wie ein eng anliegender Rock oder ein Pullover. 

Das Bündchen liegt im Schlauch. Aufgeschnitten ist es 70cm breit.


Bitte beachtet, dass das Bündchen beim Waschen einlaufen kann. Wir empfehlen daher eine Vorwäsche und hinterher ein in Form ziehen (in die Länge ziehen), da die meisten Stoffe in der Wäsche und beim hängenden Trocknen sich eher in die Breite dehnen. 

In unseren Tests ist das Bündchen zwischen 10 und gut 20% eingelaufen je nach Waschtemperatur und Schleuderzahl.

Feines Wollbündchen dunkles Kakao

Das Wollbündchen ist unserem Hanfjersey in Kakao nachgefärbt worden. Es ist im Färbebad etwas dunkler geworden, passt aber wunderschön zu dem Hanfjersey. In der Galerie haben wir auch ein paar Vorschläge für andere schöne Kombinationen vorgeschlagen. 


materials and information

97% wool (merino wool, kbt) / 3% elastane - organic jersey/mulesing free

wool cuffs

Wool cuffs are ideal as a finish for all wool garments. Since wool does not absorb water, it is particularly important for outdoor and baby clothing that no cotton cuffs are placed on the ends. These get wet and cold and also need more care (=washed more often) than the rest of the woolen garment. A wool cuff, on the other hand, requires just as little care as the rest of the wool garment. It keeps you warm even when it's wet, doesn't feel clammy when it's slightly damp and can simply be brushed out when it's dirty. If there are bad smells (smoke, sweat, traces of urine), simply airing out the wool cuffs is enough. Our organic wool cuffs (kbt, 97% new wool) are mixed with 3% elastane for long-lasting elasticity and durability.


Wool is naturally self-cleaning and antibacterial. It absorbs moisture without feeling clammy and transports it outwards, away from the body. Merino new wool is very finely crimped, does not scratch and is wonderfully soft and fluffy.


The raw wool for these cuffs comes from sheep from controlled organic animal husbandry - kbT - from Argentina. The cuff is produced in Germany.

care instructions


The cuffs must be pre-washed, as they lose height and become a little wider in the wash. Then it is best to pull it back into shape while still wet for a long service life.

It is optimal if the woolen clothing is simply aired out in damp weather (e.g. in the bathroom when showering). The water vapor that meets the fabric then automatically transports away smaller dirt particles and bad odours.

If the clothes are heavily soiled, they can be washed by hand or on the wool cycle of the washing machine at 30 degrees with wool detergent.

Since wool fibers are more sensitive when wet than when dry, it is recommended that woolen clothing be dried lying flat on a towel.

A lot of dirt can also be removed by tapping or brushing (e.g. with the miracle brush available in the shop).

For further care and sewing instructions, we also refer to our FAQs.

Questions are also gladly answered in our wool/silk fan group on Facebook, where many sewing examples can also be admired: click

Of course you can also contact us directly if you have any further questions.

sewing instructions

The wool cuff can be sewn up just like conventional cotton cuffs. Since wool fibers are more stretchy than cotton fibers, the wool cuff also has more stretch than most cotton cuffs. So we recommend multiplying here by a lower factor (0.6 or 0.65) to determine the length of cuff needed, rather than the factors of 0.7 or 0.8 often recommended for cotton cuffs. It is also suitable as an edging strip for necklines or body ends.

Tip: Alternatively, wool and silk strips can also be used here! An extra woolen cuff isn't necessary - but you keep asking us about it, so we've put the cuffs on.

For further care and sewing instructions, we also refer to our FAQs.

Questions are also gladly answered in our wool/silk fan group on Facebook, where many sewing examples can also be admired: click

Of course you can also contact us directly if you have any further questions.


In our FAQs and our wool brochure you will find more information about our wool products in general and tips on care and sewing in particular. For exciting discussions with other seamstresses and to show the finished products, we would like to invite you to our Wool Silk fan group on Facebook.

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Wool cuffs...

... can basically be sewn like cotton cuffs - they are just a little more stretchy and can therefore be sewn up a little more sparingly.

What is special about them, however, is that they have the same good properties as wool products - in particular, they do not absorb water and are therefore particularly suitable as a finish for woolen outdoor clothing and cloth diapers. Both then do not feel damp, clammy and cold when slightly wet.

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