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Hein & Hilda hat and headband by Lumali KU 36-62

Hein & Hilda hat and headband by Lumali KU 36-62

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To the cut

The e-book Hein & Hilda is a pattern for a tight-fitting sewn (wool) hat.

You can sew the pattern either as a hat or as a headband. The hat has a turn-up waistband, so the fabric is doubled over the ears.

If you leave out the top part of the hat, you can sew a great headband. In the instructions I also explain how you can sew it with a trendy twist. So you have the possibility to sew 4 different hats with one pattern: Hein - the hat with turn-up cuffs, lined or single-layered in the upper part and Hilda - the headband with or without twist.
The cut is designed for soft boiled wool, wool fleece, polyester fleece, for firm knitted jacquard fabrics or sweat that does not stretch well. With woolen fabrics, care should be taken to ensure that it is merino wool, which does not scratch due to its fine structure. Or you can use normal boiled wool and line the hat with cotton jersey or wool-silk or wool jersey.

Created by Lumali in collaboration with Danish Pur

(Industrial) mass production, copying and/or passing on as well as the exchange of the e-book or parts thereof are prohibited.
No liability can be accepted for errors in the instructions. All rights belong to Lumali - Luzie Linde.

Sewn individual pieces may be sold. When selling, the source - Lumali - must be indicated.

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