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Cuddly walk in cherry red - organic boiled wool as merino walk (kbt, mulesing-free)

Cuddly walk in cherry red - organic boiled wool as merino walk (kbt, mulesing-free)

Width: 140cm (+-5%)

Weight: 400g/m^2 (+-5%)

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Bei Stoffen steht 1 für 10cm. 10 sind also 100cm.
Info: Bei einer Abnahme bis zu 5 Metern (Anzahl: 50) werden die bestellten Stoffe selbstverständlich am Stück geliefert.

Super soft organic boiled wool, made from 100% new wool yarn from merino sheep from controlled organic animal husbandry (kbT).

Using clear mountain spring water and heat, the raw material is mechanically treated to create a firm but soft fabric.
Fulling is done here without the addition of plasticizers and other chemicals.

This Merinowalk is a pleasantly soft, cuddly walk. It has a dense and smooth surface and, thanks to its pleasant elasticity, is dimensionally stable and durable. This boiled wool is very suitable for outerwear such as jackets, waistcoats, skirts or coats. Due to its cuddly character, it is particularly suitable for the sensitive skin of babies and toddlers, especially when a weather-resistant fabric is needed for the first attempts at crawling and walking.

Tip: For pure babywearing clothing we recommend our cloudy-soft wool fleece . Wool fleece keeps you warm and soft, but is not rainproof or suitable for toddlers crawling on the dirt road.

Combinations, cuffs and wool weft

The walk can be wonderfully combined with each other, as they all have similar or identical weights. The wool cuffs are suitable as cuffs for heavy fabrics , which are also color-coordinated with the walk - but can of course also be used as contrasting colors.

Wool weft in colors to match Walk (or as a contrasting color) can be found here: Wool weft.

If a sewing piece is to be lined, depending on the desired thickness and warmth of the sewing piece, our wool/silk , our wool jersey, wool terry cloth or even wool fleece can be used - but make sure that the sewing piece is not too tight, since the fleece is is quite voluminous as lining due to its fluffiness. We also have our lining made of pure wool , which is particularly suitable as a lining, which has the advantage that it is smoother and more slippery than other woolen materials.

design samples

We are also happy to show some design examples in the photos that were made available to us by enthusiastic customers. Thank you again for that!

Here you can see a jacket based on the Jovem pattern from ebsünde with a lining made of merino clouds and wool cuffs and wool braid made of chocolate cherry. The hedgehog application is a free book , as are the rest of the autumn applications .

weight and width

The wonderfully dense and cuddly merino wool (kbt, mulesing free) is comparatively dense and quite heavy at 400g/^2. However, it is felted so tightly that it is still pleasantly thin and can therefore also be easily processed with simple sewing machines. Nevertheless, it keeps you very warm (in terms of warmth and impermeability, it is not comparable to conventional milled qualities in the trade with 250g or similar). The walk is 140cm wide (+/- 5%)

(cuddly) walk

Walk is a substance that quickly becomes addictive. It's one of the easiest fabrics in the world to work with and incredibly versatile.

Jackets and coats go just as well as wonderfully warm skirts, gloves, birthday crowns, bags, Christmas tree decorations and much more.

Our snuggly walk is one of the highest quality walks on the market (yes, let's just say that frankly :-) ) - it is not only (like all our fabrics) made according to the highest biological standards and sheared from happy sheep , it is also wonderfully soft and yet dense and fulled so tightly that it is super sewable and keeps a lot of nasty weather out.

A fabric to really fall in love with!


many small air chambers form a natural buffer against cold and heat, the skin can breathe freely, temperature balancing (releases excess heat to the environment), pure new wool absorbs up to a third of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp, does not become loaded electrostatically, hardly attracts dirt and odors And another "plus" for the environment: wool is biodegradable!

Care of boiled wool

Since the surface of the wool fiber repels dirt, hanging it up in the fresh air is usually sufficient. In the case of mud stains or other coarse dirt, brushing out with the miracle brush often helps.

However, if washing is necessary, we recommend hand washing at max. 30°C with a special wool detergent. Make sure that there are no sharp changes in temperature and that the garment is not moved or rubbed too much. Taboo are: Drying in the sun, on the heater, in the dryer. If you wash in the washing machine, please only use the cold wool wash program. The walk can shrink by around 10-15% in the wash. Please pull it back into shape after washing (in length, as it tends to "grow" in width when washing meter goods)

It is optimal if the woolen clothing is simply aired out in damp weather (e.g. in the bathroom when showering). The water vapor that meets the fabric then automatically transports away smaller dirt particles and bad odours.

If the clothes are heavily soiled, they can be washed by hand or on the cold wool cycle of the washing machine with wool detergent. In winter we recommend washing in the cold and not 30% wool wash cycle, otherwise the difference between 30 degrees and cold rinsing water in the washing machine may be too great. Wool does not like strong temperature fluctuations.

Since wool fibers are more sensitive when wet than when dry, it is recommended that woolen clothing be dried lying flat on a towel.

A lot of dirt can also be removed by tapping or brushing (e.g. with the miracle brush available in the shop).

When walking, an extra fat treatment with lanolin can also help to make it tighter.

If the boiled wool is also to be washed afterwards, we recommend a pre-wash in the wool washing program. Depending on the temperature fluctuation in the washing machine, around 10-15% can shrink.

For further care and sewing instructions, we also refer to our FAQs and our blog post on the 19 best care tips: click

Questions are also gladly answered in our wool/silk fan group on Facebook, where many sewing examples can also be admired: click

Of course you can also contact us directly if you have any further questions.

sewing instructions

Wool boiled sews best with a sewing machine and a non-stretch stitch. A simple straight stitch is sufficient for normal seams. For particularly stressed areas such as an inseam, we recommend the triple straight stitch.

For hem seams or seams where a cuff is sewn on, a stretch stitch is recommended, as the fleece fabric is stretchy so that the hem seam does not tear.

Wool boiled is very easy to sew because the raw edges do not fray and do not have to be trimmed.

Questions are also gladly answered in our wool/silk fan group on Facebook, where many sewing examples can also be admired: click

Of course you can also contact us directly if you have any further questions.


In our FAQs and our wool brochure you will find more information about our wool products in general and tips on care and sewing in particular. For exciting discussions with other seamstresses and to show the finished products, we would like to invite you to our Wool Silk fan group on Facebook.

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Customer reviews

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Not scratchy

Very nice color. The fabric is very soft and not itchy at all

Great as always!

As always, great color and great feel! Not scratchy at all!!

Soft, softer, DP Walk

The Walk is so incredibly soft, I would like to wrap myself in it. Cherry red is a wonderfully rich, warm shade of red.

Incredibly soft

This Walk is so incredibly soft! Actually, I wanted to combine my winter coat with another - actually very nice - walk... when I felt the two next to each other, it was clear that that wouldn't work! I love wearing it on my skin and I'm totally in love. The fabric is easy to sew and does not need to be overcast.

dream color

Perfect for winter stuff for my little one! Makes you sew great

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Walk vs Fleece

What is warmer - boiled wool or wool fleece?

It all depends on what you want to sew. Walk is less permeable to water and wind than fleece and therefore warms you up better outdoors. You can also sew in a cozy fleece lining - the perfect combination, we think!

Fleece is perfect for sweaters and cardigans that you tend to wear indoors.

  • Sew raw

    ... you don't have to finish the edges of a boiled wool? For a nice finish, you can sew a piece of wool around the edges, for example.

    To the wool wefts 
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    When you have collected enough bonus points, you can exchange them for our colorful bonus point packages. What is in such a bonus point package? Let yourself be surprised.

    Depending on the number of points you can get different packages.

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