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Linen knit (organic) mousse au chocolat

Linen knit (organic) mousse au chocolat

Width: 130 cm (+- 5%)

Weight: 190 g/m^2 (+- 5%)

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Bei Stoffen steht 1 für 10cm. 10 sind also 100cm.
Info: Bei einer Abnahme bis zu 5 Metern (Anzahl: 50) werden die bestellten Stoffe selbstverständlich am Stück geliefert.

Mousse au chocolat Linen knit

A rich, gorgeous dark brown. A great combination fabric for almost all other colors.

Other linen knitted fabrics are possible combinations.

The linen is only suitable to a limited extent as a cuff, as it has hardly any resilience. Working with slips is a possibility here, or using other fabrics as cuff fabric. We like to use wool jersey or wool/silk fabrics as cuffs.

Here we do not have exactly the same shade in stock, so that contrasting colors can be used here.

design example

Here you can see a men's shirt, where the wool jersey dark chocolate was used for the neckline (unfortunately not clearly visible on the photo - the color fits quite well, but not 100% the dark chocolate WJ is slightly lighter)

The pattern is from Lumali der Kalle.

materials and information

Pure linen (kba)

The linen knit is silky soft, light and has a great drape. The fabric has the structure and feel typical of linen with thread irregularities, but with a knitted look. This means that some grass remnants or thread irregularities are knitted in here, as is also the case with woven linen. Due to the knitting, slight stripe optics can also be seen within the fabric.

The fabric is not completely opaque. As a piece of clothing, however, it is more opaque than it appears at first glance.

linen knit

The linen knit is a wonderful light knit fabric made from 100% organic linen (kba).

It's 100% linen and unlike most linen fabrics on the market, it's knitted rather than woven, making it slightly stretchy.

care instructions

We have taken the following washing instructions from Utopia because we cannot add anything else to the text:

"The linen fiber is smooth and the linen fabric traps little air, so linen is lint-free and less susceptible to dirt and bacteria. In addition, the fabric is breathable and therefore cool on the skin - an ideal summer fabric!

Linen is only susceptible to friction (from wet fabric). You should therefore be careful not to roughen the fibers too much when washing, otherwise the fabric will become hard and scratchy. The following washing instructions will keep the fabric smooth and clean:

For less heavily soiled or rarely worn pieces, you can air them out in the fresh air first. That can be enough to make them fresh and fragrant again. The right temperature: wash dyed linen at a maximum of 40 degrees. You can wash natural linen at 60 degrees, if necessary even at 95 degrees. In order not to roughen the linen unnecessarily, you should use the gentle cycle on your machine or reduce the spin speed. Linen requires a lot of water when washing because the fibers are strong swell. Therefore, put slightly fewer items in your washing machine than you would with other materials. Also, make sure not to wash your linens more often than necessary. This saves water and energy. For linen, use a mild organic detergent without brighteners. Never put linen in the dryer. Rather hang it flat to dry. This keeps the linen soft and supple." Note - if you don't have a gentle cycle in the machine, just use the wool program - only the normal program should not be used.

sewing instructions

The linen knit is suitable for making blouses, trousers, skirts, dresses and much more - the fabric does not stretch enough to be used as cuffs or used without adjustment for patterns designed for fabrics with high stretch. We recommend cuts that are designed for fabrics that only stretch slightly or cuts that are recommended for woven fabrics.

For more about linen, care and sewing tips, please also have a look at our blog - there is an article about linen.

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Customer reviews

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soft and comfortable

A wonderful summer fabric - soft and comfortable on the skin with a light, flowing drape. The color is rich but subtle.

Great rich colour

Beautiful, rich color, even after many washes, so far no holes or visibly thinner areas despite wearing it a lot and although the fabric is so airy. Great!

airy light but still opaque fabric

wonderfully airy and light for the summer. The color is a nice rich brown.

Super robust

The skirt of our kindergarten-age daughter has been worn up and down for almost a year now, always washed in a 40 degree normal wash, has survived various falls (sometimes at full speed) - and so far nowhere a hole or even a thin spot. Wonderfully robust, there's even more children's clothes out there!

Web error

six T-shirts sewn, washed at 30 degrees delicates, after one or two coins, many holes. About 100€ for the garbage. Unfortunately I can't recommend it.

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