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Danisch Pur

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Outdoor trousers Drhabitsbüx for men XS-3XL by Lumali

Outdoor trousers Drhabitsbüx for men XS-3XL by Lumali

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Size range: XS-3XL (hips 90-130 cm)
Variants: Outdoor pants with patches on the knees and bottom
Highlights: Knee and pop patches, tabs to adjust leg width

Do you look enviously at the children who are perfectly equipped with soft shell trousers and boiled wool suits for the winter and the transitional period? Then the outdoor trousers Droutsbüx are just the right thing for you, because with these trousers, which you can either put on directly or wear over thin jeans or leggings, you stay warm and cozy and even a wet bench or a bit of mud doesn't bother you anymore.

Material recommendation:

Softshell, walk, 3-layer laminate cord, loden, twill, valves, Eta-Proof,

For the trimmings: Cordura, Taslan, Oilskin, Eta-Proof, leather, valves

Difficulty: 3/5
Fit: comfortably casual
This is included: - Pattern sheet in Din A4
- Pattern sheet in Din A0
- Illustrated instructions
- Measurement tables
- Design examples
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