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Danisch Pur

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Sewing pattern reversible sweater long sleeve shirt Viktor&Viktoria by Rosa Näht and Danisch Pur size 74-152

Sewing pattern reversible sweater long sleeve shirt Viktor&Viktoria by Rosa Näht and Danisch Pur size 74-152

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Long sleeve shirt Viktor&Viktoria

The reversible shirt Viktor&Viktoria is a basic piece of clothing for the whole year, which never gets boring due to its versatility, can be colorful and cheerfully designed or simply worn as a combination piece of clothing. It can be sewn as a t-shirt for the summer, as a cozy sweater for the winter and as a cozy shirt for all seasons.

What is a reversible shirt?

It has no front and back, but consists of two identical pieces, so that both sides can be worn as a front piece as the mood takes you and there is only one "right thing" to do, even for small children who dress themselves.

The reversible shirt was developed for very stretchy wool-silk fabrics, thin and thick wool jersey fabrics, wool terry and wool-hemp jersey from Danish Pur. Other jersey or interlock fabrics have not been tested.

difficulty level

Thanks to the detailed and illustrated instructions, the pattern is also suitable for beginners. There is always active help in the Danish Pur Wool/Silk group on Facebook.


The pattern is a digital item that is available for download after receipt of payment by email and in the customer account. The pattern is available in A4 and plotter-ready sizes (A3-A1 depending on the size). Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open it.

sleeve variations

Viktor&Viktoria comes with ball sleeves and overcut sleeves, which allow the shirt to appear very different over and over again. Both sleeve versions are available in a wide version for thick fabrics or larger children, in a normal version for thin to thick fabrics and in a narrower version for thinner fabrics, undershirts or narrower children.

fabric consumption

The fabric consumption is on one of the pictures here in the shop. There are also cuffs, some of which can also be cut out of existing wool/silk remnants.


Information for digital products

You see a digital product here. If you buy such a product, you will receive an email with your files to download after payment.

You can then print out the pattern and get started.

Feel free to send us footos of your work or write a review of this pattern on the product page.

And now: Have fun sewing! :)

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Customer reviews

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practical pattern with variations for different fabrics. Kids are happy because they don't have to choose a fabric, they just turn the shirt inside out.


The cut is totally versatile. The instructions specifically describe how to adjust the pattern for different materials and to the child's figure.

Super cut for all cases

I love the V&V It is incredibly flexible as it can be adjusted to suit the needs of the child. Whether built narrow or wide, there are enough versions. It can also be sewn from wool, silk, wool jersey, wool fleece or terry cloth. Perfect.

Another great cut

It is often sewn and colorfully combined here

Sewing patterns for the whole family

You can also find more photos on social media under the hashtag #danischpurzustimmung - the hashtag says that we can also show the photos on our website or in newsletters etc. If your sewing works are also allowed to appear with us, then we would be happy to receive permission.

  • Start sewing immediately

    The pattern will be sent directly to your mailbox as a download link as soon as the payment has been registered with us. For instant payments like Paypal it takes up to 30 minutes. For bank transfers, depending on the bank term, 1-3 days.

  • inspirations

    There are always photos in the e-books to give you ideas of what can be combined and how. You are also welcome to check out our Facebook group or Instagram for more sewing examples.