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Danisch Pur

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Fabric samples loose (in the letter) - definitely want colors and types of fabric!

Fabric samples loose (in the letter) - definitely want colors and types of fabric!

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Bei Stoffen steht 1 für 10cm. 10 sind also 100cm.
Info: Bei einer Abnahme bis zu 5 Metern (Anzahl: 50) werden die bestellten Stoffe selbstverständlich am Stück geliefert.


Internet images and descriptions are only partially suitable for a feeling of texture and color. Nothing beats holding the fabric in your hand and feeling the swatch against your skin.


The fabric samples are the only goods we send as a letter . In this case, the shipping costs include both fabric samples and postage - that's the easiest way to set it up here in the shop.


These fabric samples are suitable if you do not need a sheet of paper with writing, i.e. you already know our fabrics, but want to see special colors, feel new types of fabric or similar. We will then throw them in an envelope for you to cuddle and feel and look at.

You are welcome to request several samples!! As long as everything somehow fits in an envelope, we will be happy to send you several colors and types of fabric.

Fabric samples with an order

With a regular order you can always ask for other fabric samples free of charge . In order to make our work easier, we ask for specific requests for colors and fabrics (there can be more than one!), so that we know exactly what interests you.

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Customer reviews

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Daniela A
Great for getting to know

The fabric samples helped me a lot at the beginning to be able to feel and get to know the fabrics before ordering!

always helpful

My very first order and although I've bought quite a few types of fabric here I keep pulling out this great overview to compare the fabrics, colors and weaves and stretches, almost like a mini Danish Pur Encyclopedia for me

Mulesing Free

All of our wool/silk fabrics are mulesing-free. This means that "our" woolly sheep do not remove the skin around the tail without anesthesia to prevent pest infestation. This procedure has been sharply criticized by animal protection organizations. As a matter of principle, we only offer guaranteed mulesing-free wool/silk fabrics.

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    Depending on the number of points you can get different packages.

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  • sewing pattern

    ...we also offer patterns? They are specifically designed for wool/silk and other wool fabrics, as wool fabrics behave slightly differently than other jersey fabrics, which is what most competitor patterns are designed for. With our patterns you can be sure that everything fits together well.

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