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Wool treatment with lanolin from Sonett 300ml

Wool treatment with lanolin from Sonett 300ml

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Wool cure with lanolin

  • With natural wool fat and organic olive oil soap
  • For regreasing heavily used clothing made of wool and silk
  • Returns wool textiles to their natural elasticity
  • Scent of essential lavender oil from controlled organic cultivation
  • 100% biodegradable

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Customer reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Belongs to the basic equipment

The wool cure belongs in every wool household. One notices how very stressed woolen clothing is supplied with everything useful again. The best care for the fabrics.

Absolute must have

Had sweaters that I found scratchy, since I put the wool cure in the washing machine from time to time, that's history. The one sweater that I had almost sorted out is now one of my favorite pieces!

Easy to use in the washing machine

Refreshes the lanolin content of woolen clothing so that water rolls off nicely again.

Jennifer D
Perfect for grooming

For me an indispensable partner in wool washing. I use a small spoon with almost every wash and put it in the softener compartment. The laundry comes out of the machine so well cared for.


Perfect for everyone who wants to make it easy for themselves. As far as I know, the only wool treatment that you can use Indian WaMa. Laundry comes out very soft. Really great product

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