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Miracle Brush®

Miracle Brush®

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Miracle Brush®

Leistner's miracle brush was originally intended for removing stubborn animal hair on clothing, sofas or blankets. However, it is now also an indispensable part of everyday life with woolen clothing.

Must have accessory

...the brush has already been christened in wool circles - simply let the mud dry and then brush it away. Dried leftovers from the day care center - simply brush away. Pilling on various wool products (see also the FAQ why pilling occurs with high-quality wool products and is not a quality defect) can be easily and gently removed with it. A true marvel, this miracle brush.

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Customer reviews

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worth your money

Absolute recommendation.! I have several. Also the silver bullet against stains and pilling when travelling.

Belongs to the basic equipment

A wonderful brush. At first I hardly dared, but it really removes pilling & the clothes look like new again. Always pay attention to the direction of the arrow on the brush and still use it with care.

5 Stars

The name is program


The brush easily removes pilling and some stains!

Jennifer D
miracle part?

I use the brush almost every day to brush dried food, mud, mud and sand out of the children's clothes. I love the brush and here you can't imagine life without it.

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